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With a heat pump the actual saving is really dependent on how much water is being used. Letís assume again a house with an existing 200L geyser.


If 100L of water is used per day, then the heat pump only needs to heat 100L per day. On the other hand, if the occupants of that house use 150L in the morning, 150L in the afternoon and 150L in the evening then the heat pump would have heated 450L per day.   Electricity consumption figures have shown that a family of 4 with a 200L geyser that uses water relatively conservative (only showers and also not the high flow rate type) uses about 16kWh per day for the geyser.


If this same family now have a heat pump installed they will use only 16 kWh/3.5 = 4.57kWh/day. Again assuming R1/kWh they would therefore save R11.40 per day.


If we now look at another family that have a big bathtub and some nice high flow rate shower heads and we assume they are using 30kWh/day on their 200L geyser (in other words the 200L geyser is reheating more than once per day) then the same heat pump will now save them R21.50 per day.


Conclusion Heat Pump Heating Savings


From the theory and calculations above it can be seen that a domestic hot water heat pump will provide a very similar saving for a family that uses hot water conservatively and have a properly sized solar system.


If however the demand on the geyser goes up a little, then the heat pump will provide a better saving.


The average electricity saving on the portion consumed by HOT WATER heating with a standard electrical element with a SOLAR HEATING SYSTEM would be

45% to 55%


The average electricity saving on the portion consumed by HOT WATER heating with a standard electrical element with a HEAT PUMP would be 70% to 75%

Domestic Heat Pumps heat water at a THIRD of the cost!          Heat Pumps are one of the most efficient hot water systems available!          Utilises the solar heat stored in the surrounding environment by transforming it to heat energy!          Free environment energy provides approximately 75% of heat pumpsí heating energy!          Only 25% of external energy is required in the form of electricity!          Existing element is switched off completely!    






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