Solar energy is a renewable resource that is available almost everywhere on earth. A typical solar domestic hot water system can provide two thirds of a family’s hot water needs.

With water, heating accounting for about 60% - 70% of an electricity bill substantial savings can be made by installing a solar hot water heating system with the added advantage of significant environmental benefits.


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  • Sonpower was founded more than seven years ago after extensive research in the solar energy field.

  • We have extensive experience on Solar and Heat Pump installations and pride ourselves that we provide custom made solutions to both Residential, Commercial and Industrial.  

  • We supply and install  high Quality LED  products with various ranges to suit  your  every need.

Domestic Heat Pumps heat water at a THIRD of the cost!          Heat Pumps are one of the most efficient hot water systems available!          Utilises the solar heat stored in the surrounding environment by transforming it to heat energy!          Free environment energy provides approximately 75% of heat pumps’ heating energy!          Only 25% of external energy is required in the form of electricity!          Existing element is switched off completely!