Over 200 different LED Lights  to choose from


Led Lights are renowned for their longevity

as well as their electricity efficiency.

3 Facts about Led lights


1: The average Life span of the LED is  50 000 hours, which is at least 10 times longer that the conventional Halogen lights and 7 times longer than the energy saver light bulbs.


2: The new LED technology lights only uses up to 90% percent less electricity than conventional lights. For example: A 50w Led Flood light is the equivalent of a 500w Halogen Flood light.


3: LED lights do not make use of any starters, transformers or high tension cables to function because of its low wattage.

Led lights come in various shapes and sizes.

And can replace any existing Light or light bulb from the conventional Halogen Base lights straight through to your Flood light requirements!

Luminas of LED Lights


Every Watt of a LED light is the equivalent of 40 Luminas. Therefore a 10w Led Light has a 400 Luminas. It is the equivalent of a 100w  Halogen Light has an equivalent of 400 Luminas.  The 40w Energy Saver Light will also be a 400 Luminas.



With a life span of 50 000 hours maintenance costs are reduced dramatically compared to the average Halogen or Energy saver light bulbs. These Led lights can run for 60 months if they were left on 24/7/365.


Halogen light bulbs needs to be replaced on average every 18 months,  LEDís supply a more trustworthy replacement, which gives you peace of mind to focus on more pressing matters at hand while knowing that your making an impact on the Environment and Saving Electricity


Cost Comparison:


Bulbs 200w Halogen bulbs    80w Energy Saving Bulbs      20w LED
Price:  R 90.00 R 85.00 R 180.00
Longevity: 18 Months 18 Months 66 Months
Over 5 Years: R 270.00 R 255.00 R 180.00



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