Based on an evacuated tube technology this complete plug-and-play unit is the most efficient unit in the fleet because the water is directly heated in the tubes.

There are lots of similar looking low pressure solar systems on the market but we have also seen so many failures on these systems.


For this reason we decided to spend a bit more time on the drawing board and make sure we manufacture a unit that will be durable.


The units come with a sacrificial anode (something that many other solar companies have overlooked) as well as electrical backup option.

Key features:

  • Class leading efficiency - Combining our very efficient evacuated tube technology with a highly insulated tank we can offer you a product with class leading efficiency and extremely low thermal standing losses.

  • Sleek low profile design - Designed with a 20 deg mounting frame to suite most roofs it also features minimal wind resistance.

  • Superior corrosion resistance - Our manufacturers uses only stainless steel on the frame and tank of this system to ensure maximum durability.

  • Freeze resistance Based on our highly insulated evacuated tubes in combination with a highly insulated tank this product can even survive in Sutherland in winter.

  • Hail resistance - Made from top quality borosilicate glass the tubes of our evacuated tubes collectors can withstand direct hailstone impacts from stones as big as 38mm without any damage.

  • Easy installation and maintenance free operation - Our solar collectors are designed with a mounting frame that is very easy to assemble. Our collectors are designed to be maintenance free but the sacrificial anode must be checked in areas where there is aggressive water

  • 5 year warrantee - Our low pressure systems comes standard with a 5 year warrantee.

Domestic Heat Pumps heat water at a THIRD of the cost!          Heat Pumps are one of the most efficient hot water systems available!          Utilises the solar heat stored in the surrounding environment by transforming it to heat energy!          Free environment energy provides approximately 75% of heat pumps’ heating energy!          Only 25% of external energy is required in the form of electricity!          Existing element is switched off completely!    






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