Free environment energy provides approximately 75% of heat pumpsí heating energy!

Sonpower brings you a range of solar water heating systems that cater for your every need. Our main technologies include evacuated tubes, flat plates and evacuated tube low pressure systems.

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Solar Systems:

The Germans were the first that started experimenting with new solar applications.  They took into consideration that they had long winters, short days in winter and extreme cold conditions like snow.  Therefore developed a vacuum tube that could endure all conditions and withstand the elements.


How does it work?

The selective coating ensures that the full spectrum of light is captured.  This implies that it does not need sun to generate energy, only UV.  Once the light is in, it is trapped.   The energy is then transformed to heat and circulated to heat up water.  These copper pipes can reach temperatures of up to 370 degrees! 

Domestic Heat Pumps heat water at a THIRD of the cost!          Heat Pumps are one of the most efficient hot water systems available!          Utilises the solar heat stored in the surrounding environment by transforming it to heat energy!          Free environment energy provides approximately 75% of heat pumpsí heating energy!          Only 25% of external energy is required in the form of electricity!          Existing element is switched off completely!    






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